It’s time to get ahead of your money, wouldn’t you say so?

Stop living limited by your financial situation, set and achieve your money goals, and advance!

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How, though?

Hi! I’m Geily, think of me like your go-to-on-speed-dial money management strategist!

I’m the money management and strategy piece between your bookkeeper and your accountant. I help you manage your day-to-day financials, strategizing for the long run, and letting you pick my brain at those “tough-to-make” financial decisions.

That’s right, I’ll take the money managing piece of your business (or life) off your hands and into mines!


“Please take it!”


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Tell me more…

Making sure you’re money is working for you, is no easy task.

You may think, “I can do a budget or get one of those softwares that can help me create one and simply follow it”, and you may be right, and that may just work for a while.

BUT, truth be told, if you’re not seeking outside help, it will be very hard to stay on track and even harder to identify the root of the problems you’re currently facing. Having someone like me on your side, will give you that accountability component you need to keep you from going off the rails, and will provide that outside perspective to help you see beyond where you are right now and prepare a plan of action for where you’d like to be.

You need more than a budget, you need that, and a plan.


“I need that!”



Here is what’s included in every package:

Step 1. Gathering Info!

Business: I’ll start by gathering all the necessary data, things like: income, expenses (variable & fixed), debt, financial goals, ect. (these will come from a variety of places, CRM, bookkeeping system, business bank account, ect.).

Personal: I’ll gather things like income, expenses (bills, variable: groceries, entertainment, ect.), debt (credit cards, car loan ect.), savings (if any), and financial goals.

Step 2. Plan + Budget Making!

Once I have all I need, I’ll strategize a plan to go along with the budget I’ll create just for you.

Step 3. Living it Out!

You’ll get your (shared) budget showing you where your money should go all month long. But it’ll be much more than just covering your expenses, it’ll come with a strategic plan, easy enough to understand and follow.

Business: Your plan + Budget will include monthly goals like ‘tax savings’, ‘future investment savings’, ‘debt free plans’ that’ll roll over month after month.

Personal: Your plan + Budget will include monthly goals like ‘goal-specific savings’, ‘future investment savings’, ‘debt free plans’ that’ll roll over month after month.

Step 4. Finishing Strong!

As the month comes to a close, I’ll update your budget (and keep tabs on our shared plan) letting you see how on-track you stayed all month. We’ll celebrate your accomplishments and as part of my strategy, I’ll show you the places you could do better at (and help you do better) next time. I’ll take all we’ve learned, and compose a whole new budget for you to use the following month. Then, all you have to do is live it out!

P.S. Even though this is a done-for-you service, remember I’m your go-to-on-speed-dial money management strategist so if there’s anything you need throughout the month, just let me know!


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Pick your package!


  Business Financials Package

Budgeting is not just a ‘personal-finances-thing’, small business owners, like you and I, can gain control of our cashflow, make better financial decisions, and forecast when we budget. 

$350/month (3-month minimum commitment)

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 Business + Personal Package (BEST of both worlds!)

when i manage and strategize both, your business and personal finances, it’s even easier to see your entire money-picture! 

$600/month (3-month minimum commitment)

Cutting Edge l Personal Finances Package

 Personal Finances Package

 Budgeting is extremely helpful! WHEREAS some people like to think of it as “living restricted” I like to think of it as “planning to live an abundant life”. 

$350/month (3-month minimum commitment)



Here’s the first step to get started!

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