You know you're ready to hire a bookkeeper when…

You Know You're Ready To Hire A Bookkeeper When... l Cutting Edge Collective Blog

If you’ve ever wondered when you’re ready to outsource your bookkeeping, we’ve got 6 indicators below for you to consider!

  1. Bookkeeping takes more time than you have (or want). 

    Track how much time you spend on your books every month, say 3 hours. Now multiply that number by the hourly rate you charge your clients (3 x $50 = $150). This is how much you "spend" on bookkeeping each month. Can you afford not to hire a bookkeeper?

  2. You take your business seriously. 

    This is no longer a hobby or your "small side hustle". You want it to grow and are taking steps to achieve that goal.

  3. Time that should be spent creating business growth strategies is used for bookkeeping. 

    We all need days to develop new services, plan workshops, or learn new marketing strategies. It is not beneficial when bookkeeping starts taking away from this time.

  4. You feel confused or overwhelmed every time you sit down to crunch numbers. 

    It's true, numbers are not for everyone. So if you find yourself in tears every time you think of bookkeeping, ask for help. 

  5. Tax time means a mad dash to get your books caught up before handing them over to your accountant. 

    If you do not keep your books current every month for any reason it might be time for a bookkeeper to help you.

  6. You need someone to show you how your business is doing financially. 

    A bookkeeper will send you financial statements each month so you can see how your business is doing and make improvements.

If you identified with one or more of these, it’s probably the best time to outsource your bookkeeping for 2018, 2019, and beyond!

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