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I'm Geily! (said like “Haley”)

I’m Money Management Strategist helping creatives get ahead of their business + personal finances.

A little bit of backstory…

I came straight from the whole “go to college, get a good job” mindset so definitely, never thought I’d ever be my own boss! I went to college to get a good-paying corporate job, and I did, up until God called me to dream bigger!

Cutting Edge came straight from the His heart Nov 2016 and it’s been here ever since!

My mission is to help as many creatives as possible by empowering them to be a blessing and live life abundantly. He’s called me into the area of finances since even before I started my business. He’s always given me the wisdom to manage money and plan ahead.

To fulfil this calling of mine, I traded in my corporate pants for yoga pants (most days) and my PC for a Mac, and started this crazy journey we call entrepreneurship!

Since opening my virtual doors, Cutting Edge has evolved so much and with it I, as a business owner, have grown and learned things I would’ve never dreamed of! Today, I help creatives manage and strategize their money through my money management packages and it brings me the most satisfaction when I see my clients building their businesses sustainably through the work I do for them. To hear they’ve been able to pay off credit card after credit card, seeing their credit scores rise and seeing how happy and satisfied they feel about their new life, makes my heart full!

Geily Romero l Cutting Edge l Business Coach

“…I will bless you;
I will make your name great,
    and you will be a blessing.”

- Genesis 12:2

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Geily Romero

Me, in 10 quick facts!

☕️Starbucks Addict (I mean, lover!) 

🐱Cat Mommy! (Her name is Leah, or as I like to call her, Monster!)

🎧Podcast Listener (currently in love with How I built This)

💍married to the love of my life for almost a decade (we tied the knot super young!)

🦈Lover of Shark Tank and The Profit

🎯target runs on the daily 

🙌 open heart surgery survivor (2x!)

🙏believer (seriously, only God and coffee get me through the day, y'all!)

☀️Miami Local (If you're local, let's do some IRL coffee!)

🌊Rising Tide Fort. Lauderdale Member (#communityovercompetition)



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