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I'm Geily! (said like “Haley”)

Money Management Strategist helping small business owners, like you, understand their business + personal finances.

A little bit of backstory…

God has called me (and you!) to dream bigger!

Cutting Edge came straight from His heart Nov 2016 and it’s been here ever since!

My mission is to help as many small business owners as possible by empowering them to be a blessing and live life abundantly.

I’ve felt called to the area of finances since even before I started my business. God’s always given me grace and wisdom to manage and steward money in a way that builds a legacy. I’ve helped many (just like you!) who were struggling and felt in over their heads, understand their fiances and take control, both, in their businesses and personal lives. We all have superpowers, right? Those are mine!

Cutting Edge provides Full Service Bookkeeping paired with strategy, insight, and understanding into your business finances, helping you build a sustainable business for generations to come.

For those needing help at a personal level, Personal Budgeting is also available to help you conquer personal goals like getting out of debt, saving, and so much more.

I’d love to help you manage and steward your money wisely.

Geily Romero l Cutting Edge l Business Coach

“…I will bless you;
I will make your name great,
    and you will be a blessing.”

- Genesis 12:2

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